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Besides many Belgian and Dutch riders welcomed the Supercar Challenge powered by Dunlop riders regularly from England. David Krayem is one of those drivers who several times a year to make the crossing from England settled European continent to race in the Supercar Challenge. 

Krayem came last year with a Ginetta G50 GT4 in the Supersport division and finished his first year in the class eventually twelfth place overall. Krayem past year has enjoyed participating in the Supercar Challenge and is already busy testing to join next season to compete for the podium in the Supersport division.

Krayem was last year so a new year in the Supercar Challenge, but in England and Europe was the driver much longer. “Our team has been together for fifteen years and is the last ten years under the leadership of my Chief Engineer Ben Scrivens”, explains Krayem out. “He has consistently developed our cars. This was our first Stealth B6 GT1 that in 2007 the European FIA GT 90’s Revival Championship won. Each race when we were on stage. One of the best moments was that we at Magny Cours in the training and qualification times the same reason as Paul Field Handsome in a McLaren F1 GTR GT1 (this car in 1998/4 overalls become the Le Mans 24 Hour, ed) and we even won the race. That was a surprise for the others that official protest was lodged. It was not until late in the night before became known that we had officially won.”

The success Krayem with the Stealth was eventually not universally tolerated anymore. “In 2008 we were after a few successful races reported that it could not go on. We were too dominant towards more famous and expensive GT1, 2 and 3 cars from the ’90s, “explains Krayem. “We have the Stealth then sell to a collector and have then in 2009 our Ginetta G50 GT4 purchased.”

After this Ginetta races to have arrived in England Krayem last year at the Supercar Challenge. “The Supercar Challenge was a new experience for us but from the first day it pleased us very well. Racing in this championship is the best thing I’ve ever done, “said Krayem. “The Supercar Challenge is well organized and structured. Fair, without politics and lovely events and beautiful circuits. ”

Krayem really had to find its way in the competitive field of the Supersport division, but the season progressed gradually achieved better results. “We went step by step forward. In the beginning we drove around the twelfth place but at the end of the season, when I was racing in this championship better understood, was the sixth place, “says Krayem, during the year a few things on the car changed. “We include larger brakes mounted because the normal setup is not met. That was in fact designed for shorter races and proved not to work well. We also changed from tire compound but stayed problems stop by our standard one-way dampers. This resulted, among other “graining” on the tires and understeer. This allowed me example after second or third gear corners never full on the gas. ”

In 2013, the upward trend continued Krayem continue. “We want 2013 to continue where we left off. This year our goal on the podium but we realize that the other teams are very competitive and this winter have not been idle, “said Krayem. “We ourselves have our car last winter completely rebuilt as we always do. In addition, we can reduce the aerodynamic drag, and we have 4-way dampers mounted. ”

Krayem the first test for next season already behind us and that gave him at least positive. “During the first cold test at Silverstone were the new dampers to work well. The handling problems were greatly reduced or even completely gone, “says Krayem, which then also looking forward to next season. “The key for fun racing is the complete harmony, trust and confidence which in recent years has developed and of course a good championship. We look forward to the exciting competition in the Supercar Challenge in 2013! ”

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